mfi 9

MFI 9 Junior was the first sales success of MFI and it was based on Björn Andreasson´s BA 7. MFI 9 Junior was first manufactured in Malmö and later on licenced manufactured at Bölkow in Germany (204 aircraft).

One reason that MFI Junior or MFI 9 became popular among the flying clubs were the good capabilities for glider towing.

The aircraft was on the small side. To solve this problem it was decided to build a bump on both sides of the cockpit to increase the room for the elbows. Also the wing construction was reinforced, the cockpit was extended and a more powerful landing gear installed. 47 aircraft were built in this version that was called MFI-9B.



Span 7,43 m
Length 5,85 m
Height 2,00 m
Engine Continental/Rolls-Royce O-200-A(100 hk)
Max takeoff weight 575 kg
Number of seats 2
Max speed Vne 148 kts
Max cruise speed Vmo 110 kts
Number of manufactured aircraft 76 + 150 (licensed manufacturing)

Carl Gustav von Rosen in Biafra

Disgusted at the suffering the Nigerian government inflicted on the Biafrans and the continuous harassment of international relief flights by the Nigerian Air Force, Carl Gustav von Rosen hatched a plan in collaboration with the French secret service to strike back at Nigerian air power. He imported five small civilian single engine Malmö MFI-9 planes produced by SAAB, which he knew could also be used for a ground attack role in warfare. He had the planes painted in camouflage colours and fitted with rockets from Matra, and proceeded with a crew of two Swedes and two Biafrans to form a squadron called ‘Babies of Biafra’ to strike the air fields from which the federal Nigerian Air Force launched their attacks against the civilian population in Biafra.”

Source: Wikipedia